Lukasz Kurzyna, Deputy Mayor of Suwalki City recently spread the good news that Suwalki Municipality got a positive decission on co-financing the rebuilding of Maria Konopnicka Park. The Project, titled ‘Improving the attractiveness of Suwalki by rebuilding the Maria Konopnicka Place’ got the highest rating and was placed in first position in the ranking list of projects under Measure 3.1 Development of tourist attractiveness of the region.

Of the 28 formally correct applications 17 got a positive assessment. Suwalki project was rated highest and received 85 points. The municipal authorities envisaged that the investment, which is worth almost nine million Zloty, would have to be financed by the city budget. “The message from the Office of the Podlaskie Voievodeship Marshal makes us very happy”, says Deputy Mayor Lukasz Kurzyna. „This way we get 60 percent grant from the Regional Operational Programme for Podlaskie Voievodeship for our latest investment, that is nearly 5.5 million Zloty.”

In the meantime, the public procurement procedure for the construction company was held and the President of Suwalki signed an agreement for the investment works. So the place is financed and the work has already begun. Thanks to this project, a meeting place attractive for locals and tourists with fountains, benches, chess tables, playgrounds for children and interesting lighting will rise in Suwalki within one and a half year. This Square will be a place, where concerts and open-air exhibition will be held during summer. Bicycle paths, parking lots and space for business development such as cafes and sales of crafts and regional products will surround the square. It will be one of the most important interactive public spaces in Suwalki.
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Picture: Signing the agreement for the construction works. © Suwalki Municipality