The neighbourhood of Jelgava is historically important region for Latvia and Baltic states. From 1562 to 1791 it was a part of the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia (Zemgale), which was a vassal state of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and later the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Jelgava was the former Capital of the Duchy, the residence of the Dukes.
A large number of manor houses that belonged to German barons and counts are situated in the rural area of the municipality. Many distinguished people in Latvian history come from this area – writers, artists, and most of the former Presidents of Latvia.
It’s definitely worth visiting „Auči” – the memorial exhibition of the First President of Latvia Jānis Čakste. The cabinet of the President is just like it used to be during the time, when he worked here. In September 2009 the people in Jelgava celebrated his 150th Anniversary.
Jelgava Local Municipality is located in the plain of Zemgale and has very wide horizon. The river Lielupe and its almost 20 tributaries is crossing this area, making the most dense river network in Latvia.

Picture: Copyright Christin Schmidt