Professors Ola Bettum and Einar Øverby accompanied by other experts teamed up and worked thoroughly for 2 days including meeting with local enterprises and property owners. At the end there was a presentation of the new plan towards the loal politicians. All feedback was very positive and the proposals triggered enthusiasm. One proposal is to transform the central cross road "Myra". The former highway E 18 will be transformed to a more narrow street with pavements and trees.

The plan is focusing on increasing the density and to make the Station street (Stasjonsgata) more vibrant. This historical street will become the main street for trade, and the Myra crossroad the origo. The old Station street which went across the Myra cross will again be restored. However, the southern side will be reserved for pedestrians.

The road authorities who also where present in the work shop will now consider the options for investing a significant amount to transform the cross road and the former E 18 to become a modern street inside the center street structure. "Oslo street" is a name prosed from the group. as the street leads towards the capital.

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