Take judicious risks, don’t make your audience work too hard and remind: interaction makes people care about you. These are just three of the messages that Andrea Phillips collected in her new book A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling”. Phillips, an award-winning transmedia creator, writer and game designer, pointed out that these lessons are applicable to anyone who has an audience - and on the web, that means everyone with a story to tell.

What is transmedia storytelling and what can it do for you?
It’s the buzzword for a new generation - a revolutionary technique for telling stories across multiple media platforms and formats - and it’s rapidly becoming the go-to strategy for a wide variety of businesses. If you work in marketing, entertaining, or advertising, transmedia storytelling is a must-have tool for pulling people into your world.

“Transmedia storytelling is a bold and exciting new arena for creativity and innovation. . . . Andrea Phillips provides a compelling, thoughtful, and clear guide to a next generation of creators in this medium. She demystifies the process and proves that you, too, can push the envelope and be part of the future of storytelling”, commented Michelle Satter, Founding Director at Sundance Institute Feature Film Program.

In a post on www.fastcocreate.com Phillips assembled five of the lessons from her career in transmedia.

Picture: happyweeble.blogspot.com