The goal of the Notodden School Film Festival is to achieve an annual event in Notodden that gives students greater knowledge of and insight into film as a learning medium, artistic expression and as a profession. To achieve this it is necessary to establish film in the schools curricular and to use the cinema as a venue for learning sessions and as a meeting place. 1.100 students participated from eleven different schools. All the students got the chance to meet an artist within filmmaking and took part in movie themed lectures as well as in film views.

Common for the two winners was an impressive program and exceptionally good planning. The activity level has been so high that the jury had to premiere cinemas in two classes this year. The price in either category is 1,300 euro earmarked for school cinema activities.

Foto: Hilde Hem, Cinema Manager for Notodden Municipality and the winner from Oslo. © Sigurd Moe Hetland