Professionalism being understood to mean responsibility, freedom and love, enabling the family to perform its crucial role. In addition to men and women being trained to be better professionals, they must also be trained in parenting. The Family Development programmes provide them with the knowledge and tools to allow them to achieve greater family happiness.

The courses take place over several sessions, on a weekly or fortnightly basis, or, on special occasions, by accumulating several sessions over a few weekends. The number of sessions depends on each course, but they always have the required minimum to cover the basic contents and the rhythm is marked by the coordinator, adapted to the needs of the couples taking part.

The project has just started in Lithuania and is followed with the slogan “Inspired parents inspire their children”. Parents are invited to share their ideas, knowledge and ask questionsor give an advice on the interactive website. Video of the compaign can be found here.

Family university project is already taking place in 6 continents – Africa, South and North America, Asia, Oceania and Europe.

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