Previously there were outdoors swimming pool, walking pool, tennis court and playground for children. The park is also bordering a small river which runs into the city. The reconstruction of this rather huge park in the middle of the city will contribute to the strengthening the branding of Druskininkai as a spa, health treatment and recreation resort, “The spa capital” of Lithuania.

In Druskininkai they will organize a technical plan for the park in a transnational cooperation with foreign experts. Even students of different relevant fields will be invited to take part in the project elaboration. The city has appointed 9 specialists who will be assigned to the project elaboration and implementation. Among specialists we find architects, tourism specialist, advisers for mayor and council, youth sector specialists etc.

Druskininkai City Municipality will also cooperate on politicians leader training. Today many municipalities come to Druskininkai to learn about how to run and manage a modern and competitive municipality. This has triggered the political leaders to learn more and they are ready to learn from Scandinavia and other partners of the IC network. They certainly have leaders with great ambitions. There might also be a possibility that Druskininkai will team up with others for elaboration of so called “green guidelines” for the community.