Drammen city and Buskerud county took part in NOORD XXI project 10 years ago. So did Østfold count and Askim city. The NOORD XXI project inspired cities like Drammen and Askim to make changes. They were both regarded as two of Norways less attractive cities. There was a crisis. Now they are centers in regions among the top 10. The project NOORD XXI gave inspiration to the PIPE project, and further on to Innovation Circle. It's interesting to see how strategic spatial development projects can influence the practical development.

It's also intereting to notice how architecture matters and how the Ypsilon bridge has managed to put Drammen at the map. The brideg won several prices and got a lot of press, TV programs etc.. It really made agreat difference for the city.

The Østfold county is also close to the top of successful regions. 4 sub regions in Østfold is number 8, 9 and 10 and 33 among 83 regions in total. Indre Østfold where we find several IC member municipalities is number 9, ranked as the 6th most attractive for living and the 33rd most interesting for business.

The research report is measuring 2 parameters; a) how attractive is the region for business?  b) how attractive is the region for living?

10 most successful regions in Norway:
1) Drammen region
2) Upper Romerike
3) Trondheim region
4) Lower Romerrike
5) Bjørnefjorden
6) Oslo
7) Ringerike/Hole
8) Nedre Glomma
9) Indre Østfold
10) Moss region

Some other regions:
13) LIllehammer region
14) Tromsøregion
39) Stavanger region
53) West Finnmark
63) Kongsberg region
80) East Finnmark