Māris Pūķis, Senior Adviser of LALRG, opened the meeting on 1st March with a discussion on EU 2020 Strategy. During the discussion different approaches to involvement in elaboration of EU 2020 Strategy national programmes emerged. The Latvian side expressed its concerns whether all objectives defined in the Strategy conform to self-government interests. LALRG also raised worries because of the lack of regional approach both within the EU 2020 Strategy and other planning documents. LALRG holds a view that during the next programming period greater amount of funding should be allocated applying regional approach. 


Participants of the meeting also discussed the CEMR (Council of European Municipalities and Regions) 2020 Strategy. Aina Simonsen, Chief Adviser of Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS), a Member of CEMR Steering Committee on the CEMR 2020 Strategy, and other participants expressed their associations’ views on CEMR future actions.

As in every meeting, a “round table” discussion was organized providing all participants with an opportunity to discuss questions which are topical for national associations. This year one of the main issues was the question: How are self-government associations of Nordic and Baltic countries affected by the economic crisis. Participants also agreed to promote a closer co-ordination of the work of Nordic and Baltic associations within the framework of the CoR, CEMR and CLRAE.