The 3rd International BaltCICA Conference was the closing event of the project, setting the spotlight on examples of applied climate change adaptation. The questions addressed dealt with the changes in precipitation and flood patterns as well as rising sea levels the Baltic Sea Region is facing.
Several communication tools developed in the project were presented and discussed, laying the ground for further applications. A special light was shed on transnational approaches on identifying solutions how to adapt to the changing climate from a regional development point of view. A focus of the conference was on adaptation in Finland and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, as well as highlights from Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway and Estonia.
Representatives of local and regional administration, ministries, pan-Baltic organisations and scientists had the chance to exchange their views and discuss on topics, such as applying scientific results, assessment of adaptation methods, participatory approaches for adaptation and the benefits of transnational cooperation.

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Foto: © Rob - Flickr