The main objective of the project is to develop a different picture of how public services could be organised through an open innovation process. The citizens are in the core of the system and the local authorities support their ideas to create new tools for improving their well-beeing. The project was launched in May 2012 and ends May 2015. Lead partner is City of Coimbra in Portugal. Main topics of the project are:

• Participation and co-production in public services/social innovation;
• Digital transformations for smart cities; and
• Governance, finance and transparency in social innovation.

For more info please contact:
Project coordinator (Lead partner - Municipality of Coimbra, Portugal):
Fernando Zeferino Ferreira Email:
Phone: (+351) 239857518
Mobile: (+351) 967658492

Furthermore the next Annual Conference of URBACT is coming up. This European exchange and learning programme promotes sustainable urban development, brings together urban practitioners, policymakers and experts from across the EU, to investigate solutions to the critical challenges faced by EU cities. The Conference will take place right after the Annual Meeting of the Innovation Circle Network (29 Nov – 1 Dec) from 3 – 4 December in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more info and registration please visit www.conference2012

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