The pilot initiative is led by the INTERACT Programme with the support of the European Commission and the participating cooperation programmes. For more information about the local actions taking place in all Europe, please check dedicated website:
For this occasion, Latvia—Lithuania Programme continues the last year’s successful concept of the projects’ Open Days as it is the best way how to show the benefit of the Territorial Cooperation to the local communities. Therefore, project partners are invited to be active and take part in this European event by open their project doors.

There is wide selection of events to choose from. For example in Kurzeme region:

Open Doors Day 'How to become a youth leader?'

Celebrating European Cooperation Day a Youth Leader School gives the opportunity for young people to develop leadership skills, to understand the basic values of the European Union and to promote their participation in social processes. By visiting Dzirnavu Square in Ventspils on 21st September, everyone (especially youth) will have chance to participate in open-air workshops with possibility to learn team building exercises and games, take part in ’green thinking’ workshop and do some handicraft, play interactive videogame about youth, and get acquainted with project results by talking to project participants and watching pictures and videos. 

Or the Latvia-Lithuania Cross-Border Cooperation Open Doors Day in Klaipeda region:

Doors of Klaipeda University will be open on 21st of September for everybody who is interested in IT technologies – during the presentations you will be able to know how development of new technologies and human resources can meet the demand of enterprises in highly skilled IT professionals, who would be able to work with modern IT technologies, design and production methods to make up higher labour productivity. Participants will be introduced to a newly established a Joint research and training centre which serves as a core structure for sustainable cross border cooperation in order to increase the level of technological, methodological, informative and organizational supply of study and research processes at Klaipeda University and at Ventspils University College. As well project partners will present a new project activities in the area of development of distributed real-time signal processing and control systems - by modernizing the technology, it will be possible to comprehensively process signals received from space in the Baltic, gaining valuable data which is of use on a European Union wide scale.