The idea is to bring together young people from European Regions and give them an opportunity to exchange, to share ideas, experiences, differences, hopes, fears, and problems and to find together solutions to their problems or fears. The network allows putting into practice the EU principle of subsidiarity in the field of youth policy.

Looking for the most youth-friendly European region:
The AER launched the competition for the Most Youth-Friendly European Region for the first time in 2001. It offers the European Regions every two years the chance and possibility to make their projects and initiatives in youth issues known to a wider public and to spread the good experience gained in this work. 

European citizen’s forum:
The aim of the Forums is to engage young citizens and regional politicians in a debate with representatives of the European Union on the future of Europe. The Forums operate as a two-way process, informing youngsters about the Europe, and listening to people expectations about what should be done in the future on the different topic.

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Are you looking for partners for your own project? Download the project fiche, fill it out & send it to Your call for project partners will be published online and disseminated among YRN members across Europe.

One of the aims of the Innovation Circle Network is to bring together youths from all over Europe. Thus ICN regularly organizes youth camps to raise awareness about European politics and to build networks among the leaders of tomorrow. Write us if you are interested to join the next ICN youth camp - - and follow us one facebook and twitter to be up to date.

Picture: ICN Summer Camp in Norway (Christin Schmidt)