“If we are going to learn from each other we need to know each other. That is what we managed to do in TiF", stated Bjørn Frode Moen, project manager of the Trans in Form project after the latest TiF workshop in Germany.

One insight that this meeting clarified is that every partner is different and uses different appraoches to implement ideas and actions. But to act in a different way dos not mean to act wrongly.

How Trebbin can become a sustainable place to live in explained host, TiF coordinator and Trebbin's mayor Thomas Berger. One of his ideas is to reconstruct the old train station. The aim is to transform this unappealing building into a presentable gate to Trebbin. The mayor also wants the shorten the way from the train station to the city center, e.g. by offering bike rental service. “We want to give our people the feeling that they are a part of this community. They are invited to take part in

forming this new point of interest”, said Berger. His idea was appreciated by the project management and partners. They had arrived at the trainstation and knew what Berger was talking about. Furthermore, he introduced the Trebbin Hymn, a song about the small town that Berger understands as a tool for identification. “It creates a feeling of belonging together.” 

“We are not only thinking and informing each other, we are actually doing something",explained Trebbin's mayor. What every partner has done so far was shown in different presentations which can be downloaded on www.tifpro.eu.

“If we are going to learn from each other we need to know each other. That is what we managed to do in TiF. We can’t export our problems anymore. For global problems we need to find solutions locally”, explained Bjørn Frode Moen at the end of the workshop. The big question "Are we on the right track?" that the partners reasoned about during various plenary discussion answered the project manager as followes: "We all use different approaches but we are on the right track!"









Pictures: Christin Schmidt

Top to buttom: Thomas Berger and Ewelina Suchocka (coordinator Suwalki, Poland)

                            Workshop participants in front of the Clauert Haus in Trebbin

                            Trebbin City Impressions & Plenary discussion