In recent shows, Mediations Biennale was mostly concentrating on Central and Eastern Europe art and media before 1989. This year artists decided to concentrate on the regions’ geopolitical, economic, cultural and artistic issues and changes that occurred in art scene since year 2000 up till now. Instead of looking back, artists came to Poznan with the brand new-look. They were given complete freedom to create and express their thoughts through art.

“Erasing of the frontiers does not apply exclusively to our region anymore. All over the world, the walls that were physically torn down, have been replaced by invisible ones – whose existence is all the more efficacious and poignant because of their imperceptibility”, claims Tomasz Wendland, key organizer and director of Mediations Biennale in Poznań. “Erased Walls” brings out the rhetorical question – when will the last walls fall?

The show is also running simultaneously at the ConcentArt Gallery in Berlin with other similar exhibition. Next month it will be moved to Bratislava, in Slovakia. In February, exhibition will reopen in Berlin again with majority of the same works.
Mediations Biennale and art exhibition attracted a lot of participants from different countries as well as wide audience of visitors – from art experts to regular citizens of Poznań. Art events once again proved to be a great way to make city more attractive and lively. Innovation Circle Network is always in search of new ideas and learning from good practise. Therefore, art exhibitions and expositions of innovative projects are planned to be implemented in the near future.