Jennie Johannison, you are a public health coordinator in Tranemo Municipality and you were in charge of the international youth camp in Påarp the last days of April. How many participants took part and from which countries ? 

 -I'm working with youth participation in politics. I was in charge of the international youth camp - EFC- environmental future camp- at Påarp the last days of April. We were all together between 33-35 participants. 28 youth and the rest were adults. We had participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Norway and Sweden.

What was the theme of the camp?

-Environment and politics, Jennie replies

Was it easy to find sponsors for the camp, as the youths didn't pay any fee ?

- We got money from Leader Sjuhärad. An EU organization wich purpose is to develope the country side. The participants paid for the trip to and from Sweden.

Jennie, many youths are writing at facebook about that succesfull camp, so what was the best result in your opinion ?

-The whole camp was fantastic!! And it is thanks to all wonderful youth! They made the camp a success and especially Ellen, David, Lois and Jonas who have planned the camp with me and my great collegues. 

Would you recommend the Innovation Circle Network to become involved in organising more camps for youths ?

-Yes!!  Jennie is not in doubt about the answer. - I know 28 youth that would love to go to a new camp. =)

Anything else you would like to mention ?

-This has been such a wonderful experience and I'm so happy to have met all this wonderful youths who will have such a bright future (if they continues to say YES to fun challenges). I will also say thank you to the adults that travelled with the youths. I will miss your smiles! And thanks to my sweet colleagues that helped us during the camp.  Lots of love to you all !