In a three day conference with more than 80 participants all partners presented their achievements and the impact that Trans in Form had, has and will have on their regions.
With the words: “It’s nice to be together again in Central Europe!” project manager Bjoern Frode Moen opened the final TiF conference at the MDM Hotel in Warsaw. “We have together developed some powerful tools. One of the most important that we learned from Bilbao was that Trans in Form must continue as a transformation tool”, explained Bjoern Forde Moen. Likewise commented Joern Christensen, mayor in Notodden, (Norway) the lead partner municipality of the project: “I am satisfied with the achievements so far; however, the finalization of a project does not mean that we are finished with the implementation. The work will continue. We will need to use the same tools developed in Trans in Form also in the future.” The continuation of cooperation and the approach of working in long term perspective was a topic that ran like a golden threat through the whole event. Krzysztof Czyżewski, President of Borderland Foundation in Sejny (Poland) pointed out that “the contemporary culture of co-existence cannot be built on lies, wishful thinking or other baseless attitudes and ideologies (…). The power of its authenticity should draw from a firm grasp of reality and care for long-term effects, and should be organically grounded in the everyday life of the community.” 

All partners presented what they have achieved in the last two years and to what extend TiF had an impact on their region. We invite you to take a closer look at the attached presentations to see detailed results.
Besides eight partner presentations several high level keynote speakers contributed to a successful project final. They discussed diverse issues Europe has to deal with, from European identity to challenges for the Baltic Sea region and the culture of coexistence. Another unique and very personal output of this project was mentioned by Lise Wiik, former mayor in Notodden, who stated that the people of Trans in Form have given each other honest inspiration. And that was definitely visible not only during this conference and in the complex presentations but also in various workshops of the
Trans in Form project.