This project is an association of ten partner institutions in seven countries of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). Under the auspices of the Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) it aimed to exploit the potential of the audiovisual sector in the BSR.

FIRST MOTION supported the paradigm shift in media industry evoked by the digital development and thereby focused on four crucial points: production, distribution, education and business models. The goal was to improve the business environment susceptible for innovation and to overcome the insufficient use of innovative potential and the low intensity of joint efforts in the BSR. Therefore the team of FIRST MOTION was engaged in funding new formats and ideas, researching new markets and value-chains, developing a new distribution platform, installing training and education courses and improving cluster and policy guidelines.

FIRST MOTION has been an EU-funded project revolving around the future of media industry in the Baltic Sea Region. Ten partners from seven countries have developed approaches to cross- and transmedia in four main categories: production, distribution, education and business models. The results can be downloaded here. A special highlight of FIRST MOTION is the platform for project development and distribution

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Picture: © Guido van Nispen via Flickr