This shows his outstanding popularity as the far most beloved and respected politician ever in Spydeberg. He was the natural born leader. He had an eye for individuals and their well being as well as for the strategic questions. He used his time in charge to impact the regional development in Spydeberg and Østfold county but also beyond national boundaries. Under his leadership the name Spydeberg became widely known and acknowledged by many partners at the international arena.

He was especially devoted to develop the friendship between Spydeberg and Straupe communities and good relations to the Cesis region in Latvia. He was chairman of the Norway-Latvia cultural cooperation and a frequent visitor to Latvia and other Baltic countries both officially and private. As a farmer himself he enjoyed the Baltic countryside very much. However, his international work didn’t  stop there. As a young man he travelled all over Africa. Maybe then already he became a citizen of the world.
He was a contributor to stronger relations within Scandinavia and he was member of the monitoring committee for the crossborder cooperation between Norway and Sweden (Interreg A). He was a great supporter every year for Palestinian children who were playing football at the Norway Cup in Oslo. He did also bring Spydeberg into several international projects.
Stein Håland was focused on environmental issues, culture and heritage, health issues and much more. He wanted to melt the ice between east and west in Europe and bring ordinary people in contact with each other. It was a natural thing for him to work enthusiastic for cooperation between small municipalities and communities. He pointed out many times the need for bringing youths together.
He was the chairman of the steering committee within the Innovation Circle project (2005-2007). He was one of the founders and deputy chairman of the IC Network board(2007-2008). He was the single mayor who invested most in the creation of this international network.
Inhabitants of Spydeberg will never forget Stein Håland. Neither will the members of the Innovation Circle Network forget him. His work and ambitions will be followed up. His unique social skills and good sense of humour will be missed. Our good memories are many. He made our lives greater. His name will live forever. May he rest in peace.

Alf S. Johansen
General Secretary
Innovation Circle Network