Crowds of Suwalki’s citizens gathered for this event that started with the staging of the arrival of Konopnicka’s parents, Mrs. and Mr. Wasiłowski, to Suwałki. With a birthday cake and artistic performances by the Suwalki chamber music orchestra Camerata dell'Arte as well as a literary-music programme the event drew the attention of the public.
The investment could be realized thanks to the sponsors – Suwalki entrepreneurs who financed almost half of the 90 thousands zlotys, the total cost of the investment. The other half was covered by the city budget. The bench is a work by sculptor Marcin Jędrzej Fabiński and is a nice example of triangulation, as Alf S. Johansen, communication manager of the Trans in Form project, explained. Certainly, this new recreational spot will not be just a usual place to rest. Let's see how inspiring the new bench will be for the people in Suwalki and their visitors.