Vecpiebalga municipality is located in Vidzeme region, Latvia. It was formed in 2009 by merging Dzērbene parish, Ineši parish, Kaive parish, Taurene parish and Vecpiebalga parish. The administrative centre of municipality is Vecpiebalga. In the area there are protected cultural and lake-related landscapes. They include Alauksta lake, Inesis lake, Tauns lake.  In addition, the Sproģi nature reserve has been established on the islands and peninsula of Inesis lake. Besides, there are many important cultural objects in Vecpiebalga municipality. For example, the Vecpiebalga Lutheran Church, the Vecpiebalga castle ruins, the Vecpiebalga baronial estate. Memorial museums have been established to commemorate several distinguished figures of Latvian culture as well.